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Monday, September 20, 2010

Lil Hebe turning 1 soon..

Our Lil Hebe's 1st Year Party

Though recently there is not much updates on lil one, we like to inform everyone that I've grown so much, hitting lil milestones, so much that Mummy has a hard time keeping track of my progress. Over the last three month, I also been battling against a nasty cough that keep bugging me.

Nevertheless, the fight is over. Now we are happy & busy organizing my next upcoming celebration, my 1st Year Birthday Party.

My party will be held on 10/10/2010 (Sunday)
[the venue will be sent via sms invitation]

Dinner Buffet starts at 5pm - 8.30pm

Cake cutting ceremony @ 7pm

Invitation by sms will be sent out shortly this week.
Pls rsvp by 27 Oct as we need to confirm the headcount for buffet ordering.

In regards to my gifts, do not worry your head over it.
Ang pow
is greatly appreciated.

~ Love from Hebe ~

Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Shots!

Here sharing some random shots taken just about 2-3 weeks ago. Don't you people love to see more of my adorable and updated photos?

Posing with my dearest sister who keep holding tightly onto me for this wild and tight pose!

Another close up pose with my dearest Mummy who just back from work! Does my look resemble more to her?

~ Kisses from Cheeky Hebe ~

8th Month Updates!

Hi there!!!!
Again.. been a long time since my last post!

Late than never.. here comes along with more updates of my progress and development to share with you all. I've grown so much and developed more skills.

More updates on my development:

1) Crawling : start crawling in front from the age of 7th month (vs my sister who mastered the skill at her 8th month)
. I can sit upright by myself

2) Love to hum song along with my sister singing or when there is my favorite music or song playing in the background.

3) Recognize people faces and will not let 'strangers' carry me as I will whine loudly.

So far, I will stick to my main caregiver like my mummy and ah ma

4) Start to hold my milk bottle by myself

5) Enjoying my yummy food.

I'm having 2 solid meals in a day plus 3 milk feed.
Recently, I started to have porridge with fish.
My timing of the meal is about like listed below.

7.30am - milk feed (240ml bm)
10.30-11.00am - lunch (brown rice cereal + puree or porridge)
2.00pm - milk feed (240ml bm)
5.30pm - porridge or brown rice + puree
8.30pm - 9.00pm - milk feed (240ml usually fm)
9.30 - 10.30pm : bedtime

6) Food that I've experienced.
Veg / Fruit : Avocado, Apple, Spinach, Brocoli, Carrot, Pumpkin, Celery
Meat : Fish, Pork

7. Learning to play with toys like building blocks with my sister

8. Can stand upright with lil support by myself

9. Current weight as of 8.5th month, I'm now weighing at 9kg.

Now time to look forwards to my photo taken just about 2 weeks ago.

Hugs and kisses from Hebe

Monday, May 17, 2010

My 1st Trial Baby Class

Just last Saturday, Daddy brought us to attend my very 1st baby class at his ex-colleague's learning center. His ex-colleague offers us free trial class for us to try out. It is located along Thomson Road.

Here sharing below pics.

The Learning Centre which is newly opened just 3 weeks ago

Starting my class and my sister, Hayley, also get to join in the fun to guide me along. Look at below 2 snapshots of our loving sisterly poses.. I'm so glad to have such loving and giving sister who ensures I'm ok thoughout the class.

Hayley : "PSSHH.. Hebe, look in front where Teacher is teaching.."

Hebe: "where?? In front? There my Daddy taking pic of me tsk tsk "

A sneak preview of the class.. it is indeed very small class as other parents yet to arrive.

Focusing on the flashcards that Teacher is flashing to Hebe

Hebe: "I wanna do my KUNG FU stunt.."

After the class and shot catch up with Daddy's ex-colleagues, we headed to Novena with another family for dinner. A lovely day well spent and my parents totally exhausted by the time we reached home.

~ Love from Hebe ~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Beauty Bath

Below Photos are taken on a Saturday morn (abt 2 wk ago) at my Ah-Ma place.

As my sister was having chicken pox outbreak, I was to stay put at my ah-ma place and happened that morn, my Ah-Ma had medical appointment. So Mummy popped over to take care of me in the morning while my sister and Daddy enjoying their sleep.

Mummy took me to wet market for marketing and then headed back to Ah-Ma place. Time for my beauty bath.. and sharing pic of the bath-tub stand that Mummy has bought it 2nd hand from another mommy. Look!! it is so useful, no need to bend and strain her back, easy to fill / remove the water from the tub. However, looks like I can only get to use for couple of months before it gets too small for me.

After my beauty bath, I feel so refreshed and keep grinning non-stop while Mummy trying to take some shots to show my sister later.

~ Love from Happy Hebe ~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mommy Day - Celebration

As Sis Hayley is down with chicken pox..
and I was keep away from her for total of 2 weeks. Poor Mummy has a hard time rushing back from work, to visit me at Ah Ma's place before went home to take care of my sis.

Last week, Daddy decided to bring Mummy out to celebrate Mother Day in advance.. it happened to have my turn to be with them while Mama to take care of my sis at her place. Daddy brought us to this place, to try out some fusion Japanese Food at Suntec City in late evening.

By the time we reached there, it was already 7.30pm. Food there was nice and a quiet place for us to enjoy the dinner. After the hearty dinner, Daddy let Mummy to have some last min shopping, for her to shop to her delight as many shops are closing for the night.

What a HAPPY time we had!
Too bad, my sister could not join us! Or else, we will be a HAPPY FAMILY as wholesome four!

Belted and ready for the car ride towards Suntec!

A Happy & big Smiley Pose

A Happy Pose with Mommy dearest..
be with her for 1st time to celebrate this celebration for her

Daddy posing with me, in front of the yummy delicious dessert lying in front of my eyes to tempt me from eating it

I did try to attempt to eat their dessert but failed badly..
in the end I tried to console myself by chewing my Mummy's camera bag.

~ Hugs and Kisses from Hebe ~

Kitty Tee

Here sharing the matching Kitty Tee that Aunty Esther has got for us during her HK trip..

Looks forward to wear it together with my beloved Sister Hayley.

~ Love from Hebe ~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My 6th Month Celebration!

I finally turn 6 month old...

another 6 more months to go, I will turn 1 yr old.

For my parents, time seem to pass very fast for us this round..

As my 6th month, I've gained a healthy weight of 8.015kg (my mummy yet to measure my length). In fact, I'm already triple of my birth weight (2.49kg) because normally read that an average baby should weigh ideally triple of his birth weigh when he hits 1 year mark. Although now I do not consider a big baby, my parents' main concern for me is to see me growing healthy and happy.

Some updates on myself as of today ...
1) Bad cough
- I have finally recovered after my 2nd visit to KK. Thank you for your concern and regards.

2) Recognize people faces / voices
- If you are a stranger, I will use my big big eyes to stare at you without smiling. Haa. haa and that is me. However, I learn to smile more readily even to strangers.. just give me some time to warm up.

3) 'Crawling' backwards
Though I still cannot sit up by myself, I learn some new skills on my own while lying on all 'fours'. Now, I can do 360 degree turn and can even 'crawl' backwards. I will think of way to reach a toy or stuff I want but not within my reach. I will flip, roll . turn here and there to get my item eventually.

4) Holding Bottle / pacifier
I can start holding my own milk bottle (with some assistance) and can even grab / pull out my pacifier when the adults trying to pop it into my mouth, to lure me to laalalala land.

5) Likes to grab my mummy's hair

- Everytime I getting sleepy, I like to twirl my fingers grabbing my mummy hair. Sometimes, will simply like to pull her hair and giggles out loud when she cried out in "Ouch". I like it when she shake her head and hairs fall on me.. I will laugh out aloud by this action.

6) Semi Solid

Yesterday, I finally started my first taste of cereal, Healthy Times Brown Rice cereal. As Mummy is preparing the cereal, I keep smacking my lip in anticipation for the great moment!!! However, I am not that ready as after 2 taste, I keep rejecting the cereal. Oops... so unlike of my sister's time.

Guess each baby is different and behaves differently.. Hope I will grow to like my cereal and food. Now is time for me to have more iron plus food. As of today, I am 50% FM and 50% BM fed baby. Thank you Mommy for keeping up the supply for me despite her drop of supply and working.

Cake from Icing Room that my parents bought it for me to mark my 6th month celebration.

Posing - Click Click.. we celebrate at Ah Ma's place since I'm at their place.. my parents and sister went over with the cake to celebrate and fetch me home.

I'm the STAR tonight.. look at how my sister hug and carry me.
She loves me dearly..

Another of our loving sibling pose

Sister Hayley enjoying my cake.. yummy and a pity I cant eat it yet

Our Happy Family Pose

Posing with my AH Ma (my main caregiver) when my parents are out working

My lovely poses with my Mummy and Sister!

~ Love from Happy Hebe ~

Celebrating Mama's birthday Celebration

After our outing to Science Center, we have another round of celebration for Mama after our hearty dinner.

A simple affair - a cake (bought by Jiu Jiu) to celebrate the joy! It is my 1st time joining in Mama's celebration. While they are enjoying the cake, I can only STARE & DROOL... even looking at them wide-eyed and adoring and pleading look, HUMP!

Posing with Mummy's family members - Gong Gong, Mama, Jiu Jiu and Hayley, my sis.

Our family posing with the Birthday Star - Mama

Mummy trying to act cheeky with me for this pose!

~ Tata - watch out for my next post then!

~ from Hebe.. the Spice Baby~

My First Visit to Science Center!

on 10 April 2010..
My parents brought me to Science Center for my very 1st time. The place is COOL, lots of interesting exhibition and stuff for me to see. I enjoyed myself a lot too as the place is fully air-conditioned too & indoor, away from the hot sun!

Sharing my HAPPY pics below.

To read more, pls visit my sister's

My Cheeky Sis posing happily with me!

Our Happy 3 wholesome pic - Mummy, Hayley & me!

~ Love from Hebe ~